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Hello Friends,

  I hope you found a little Joy and some Peace in this past unusual Christmas Season. I am looking forward to a Happier New Year for All!

  My sympathies to all of you who lost loved ones to this virus. 2020 was a stunner, a stress test like none other, and, sadly, 2021 started with more suffering, death and shocking violence. We now have a more honest White House, focused on the Truth and Science that will help bring us out of this struggle.

  It's important we Stay Safe- washing our hands until our fingers are about to fall off, living separately, wearing a mask whenever we venture out, always maintaining safe distance.

 We CAN do this. Please Try!

 Meanwhile, I am busy recording- the CD we had scheduled for LAST Spring- here at home, sending files backandforth with engineer Dave Mann at Mann Wolf Studio in Oberlin, and we're making Good Progress!

     So New Music Coming Soon!!

 I miss all your faces! I miss playing shows with my band friends, miss sharing Good Vibes in person with everyoneThe gigs listed below (and many more) were cancelled, of course, but I just don't have the heart to erase them...

  For now, there's Spotify for you streamers-      

 Please include anitakeys on your Spotify playlists,

           those pennies add up! 

 AND all 5 of my CDs are available on Amazon for Digital Download:

  So Hang In There! Crank up some tunes and Dance around your Livingroom! Read the book you always wanted to read, send some Love in a text, a card or letter to a Friend. Step outside and take a little walk or open a window to get some fresh air- if it's not too cold for that- or simply watch the clouds floating by and feel some sunshine on your face through the window... 

 We'll all see each other again, maybe just online, for now...

 On Friday, September 4th, we played our last live show when Cleveland Rocks Past, Present and Future Presented the Waterloo Tower Series, a FREE ONLINE CONCERT made possible by Cuyahoga Arts & Culture! So pull up a sofa, grab a drink and Tune In:  anitakeys trio at 6:30pm, Moko Bovo at 7:30pm. 

 Since then, I've played several 48 Hour Virtual Concerts with Ryann Anderson on bass, from our Musicroom, that you can find on YouTube! 

   If you're inspired to help support in these gigless times, here's my virtual tipjar:



 Looking for some background?

   I'm Cleveland area singer-songwriter Anita Herczog.

  I perform all around town as anitakeys

  I have recorded 4 CDs of Original Music, starting with watertalk in 2011. watertalk, produced & engineered by Byron Nemeth, was begun in his Cleveland studio and completed in his Arizona studio. watertalk features Special Guest performances by Deanna Brzozowski, Wanda Sobieska, Karmi James, Byron Nemeth, Carlos Jones, J. Scott Franklin, Tim Sprow, Darren "Cholly O" Evans, Jeff Anastasia, Rob Hunter and Peter "Pedro" Dell. 

  In June 2013, I released Twenty Twelve, recorded with friends Ryann Anderson (bass) and Lorne Franklin (congas/djembe), engineered by Tracy Marie and Mastered by Paul Hamann at Suma Studio. Twenty Twelve features Special Guests J. Scott Franklin on "Serenade of the Sky", Matt Harmon on "Nothin' Left" and Reginald Redd on "butterflies".

  In September 2014, I released Dreamsongs and Misfits, featuring new (dreamsongs) and a few older, previously unreleased songs (misfits), featuring yours truly on keys & vocals,  with Quinn Sands on harmonies & hand percussion, Ryann Anderson on bass, Lorne Patrick Franklin on congas/djembe/assorted percussion and Tony Kazel on drums. Recorded Live, mixed and Mastered by Dave Mann Wolf at Mann Wolf Studio. 

           BIG THANKS TO ALL WHO ATTENDED  ♪ DREAMSONGS AND MISFITS ♪ CD RELEASE PARTIES at Euclid City Limits & The Barking Spider Tavern!


    Several Songs from that 3rd CD: Bad Dreams, Fallin Again, AlwaysWe Make Music & It's A Lovestorm AND a few from my newest CD, Who She Is, are included on the Music Player! 

                                         ♪ ♪ ♪ 

  My NEW anitakeys  CD, Who She Is, was released at the start of 2019! It includes 4 previously unreleased songs: Mother Earth Blues, Soggy Shoes, Nobody Whispers and Letting Go as well as a solo piano lullaby I wrote for my niece, Prayer For Dana, along with remixes of 2 songs previously released as singles- Who She Is and Wedding Song. Recorded again in Mann Wolf Studio by the very talented Dave Mann Wolf and featuring Ryann Anderson (Bass throughout and Rhythm Guitar on Soggy Shoes) and Lorne Franklin (Bongos on Letting Go and High Hat Cymbals on Mother Earth Blues) from the Friends band as well as Special Guests/Longtime Friends (and local favorites) Carlos Jones (on Vocals and Bongos on Soggy Shoes), engineer Dave Mann Wolf (on backup Vocals on Letting Go & The Ahh Song and Lead Guitar on Who She Is) and Jeffrey Bowen on Congas, wood blocks and guiro...I'm VERY EXCITED to share this new recording with you!!

 LISTEN on Spotify HERE:



                                                  ♪ ♪ ♪

    anitakeys Music is available at shows and for download on iTunes, on ReverbNation and Spotify and at


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Friday, January 3rd

Cebars Euclid Tavern

Happy Hour, 6-8pm


Saturday, February 1st

Brothers Lounge Wine Bar



Saturday, February 8th

BarNone Wine-Beer-Spirits



Saturday, March 14th

BarNone Wine-Beer-Spirits



Sunday, March 29th, 6-8pm

House Concert at Dave D's


April 14th, 7-9:30pm

Two-Set Tuesday

Brothers Lounge Wine Bar


Friday, April 17th

Cebars Euclid Tavern

Happy Hour, 6-8pm